7 GIFs That Sum Up Doing Business in a Crowded Niche

Carving out a place for your small business in a popular niche is no small feat. Stiff competition from an ever-growing list of rivals, all vying for the same customers, can have you second-guessing yourself and obsessing over every business decision.

Take it easy, business owner! We know the struggle is real. We’ve rounded up a collection of our favorite GIFs to help you laugh it off, keep trucking, and embrace what’s unique about your business.

1. “Look at me. Don’t look at them. Look at me.”


Got this one here.

2. You casually keeping tabs on the competition.


Got this one here.

3. You covertly signing up for your competitors’ email lists.


Got this one here.

4. You guesting on all the blogs and all the podcasts.


Got this one here.

5. You when a competitor’s ad pops up in your feed.


Got this one here.

6. You describing your business in that press release.


Got this one here.

7. “You want this. Trust me.”


Got this one here.

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7 GIFs That Sum Up Doing Business in a Crowded Niche

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