7 GIFs That Are Basically You with a New Business Credit Card

Does that shiny, new business credit card have you feeling legit? We understand. Having a direct line to on-demand cash in your pocket can be a great feeling for any small business owner—and those rewards and the boost to your credit don’t hurt, either.

While you should still spend cautiously, we don’t blame you for having that extra spring in your step, and neither do these GIFs.

1. You, now that you don’t panic every time an expense comes up.


Got this one here.

2. You, visualizing all the projects you can finally tackle now that you’ve got the cash.


Got this one here.

3. You, when you pay off your bill early.


Got this one here.

4. You, every time you flash the plastic.


Got this one here.

5. You, racking up those rewards.


Got this one here.

6. You, trying not to max out this month.


Got this one here.

7. You, when you think about how sweet your credit will be the next time you need to show it off.


Got this one here.

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7 GIFs That Are Basically You with a New Business Credit Card

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