How to Learn Like Elon Musk (Infographic)

Elon Musk is an inspiring entrepreneur and pop culture icon with unprecedented career success in the tech world. He’s best known for building four multi-billion dollar companies in four separate fields by his mid-forties. His ability to create successful ventures across wildly different industries debunks the “jack of all trades, master of none” myth that is pervasive in the business world.

Arguably, one of the reasons that Musk has been so successful is because of the unique way he sees the world. He has an interesting strategy for learning new information that allows him to learn quickly, identify the fundamental aspects of a topic area, and apply these principles to new fields. This is an uncommon but powerful way of approaching new concepts that professionals across industries can also benefit from.

Those that admire Musk often look for ways that they can emulate him. From articles on what Elon Musk reads to think pieces on the reasons for his success, there is a lot of thought given to ways we can all be a little bit more like him. Whether you are a business owner or a young professional, consider implementing the strategies that Musk uses to learn new things as you encounter new information in your own career.

Check out this infographic below to learn 8 simple ways that you can learn like Elon Musk:

Sources: Forbes | Wired | IncMedium | Kick Resume Blog | Curiosity | Garin Kilpatrick

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How to Learn Like Elon Musk (Infographic)

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